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Minimalist fashion style is at the core of Alessandra Giannetti’s very personal vision of a timeless style, rooted in her own multi-cultural, East-meets-West metropolitan aesthetics. A system that stems from the time spent in London, and Tokyo, genuinely absorbing local trends and hints, and from her deeply Mediterranean soul.


The idea of a comfortable wardrobe is tailored on each woman’s personal needs and shapes, as the result of such vision: the blend of sculptural shapes, whose quality we appreciate in the sophisticated cuts and internal rigour of each item, with fluid materials and shields that are often oversized and soft on your skin speaks a deep and robust know-how, skillfully interpretated by expert hands and eyes in the very short distance laboratories who secretly enjoy award-winning, multi-generational Italian craftsmanship and attention to details. Alessandra’s passion for continuous learning and research in fabrics, blends and technologies translates into select pieces and often organic solutions, aimed at maximizing comfort and wearability, for a truly sustainable, concise style offer.
Rigourous and creative, fluid and severe, natural and cultural: the poles and tensions of a personal vision, incorporating the Masters’ lesson from Japanese fashion to UK style icons, result into a reinterpretation that adds a dash of Mediterranean spirit, and fully respects both form and function.
Alessandra Giannetti pays hommage to an everyday exclusive style and to a truly multi-cultural choice, that is able to resume into creative, independent items enjoying details, finishing and inspiration from the arts and crafts, and from the design of the gesture: engineered so to maximize comfort and wearability, her items, wardrobe, collections and capsules allow women to take center stage by dressing their difference in a respectful yet never mannered way.

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