Ethic & Minimal

Ethical Clothing is not just a blend of highly specific choices and processes, and therefore a matter of behind the scenes options; it is often something that sits in between good common sense and work ethics, up to representing an image choice.

The careful attention of the Designer in selecting the best raw materials only, from natural and neutral classics to contemporary technologies, finishing and blends makes our brand naturally sustaiable at its core, for the ultimate wearing experience and a personal style - that caresses your skin and body from morning to night. Subtly intellectual and therefore somehow daring, exclusively produced by skilled and trusted hands and artisans within a few miles from our head-quarters in Rome, Alessandra Giannetti’s styles incorporate unique state-of-the-art solutions.


At Alessandra Giannetti’s, we believe sustainability and ethics all stem from a distinct and savvy approach to style: the minimalist choices and architectural cuts of the Designer, her signature attitude since her beginnings in fashion meet a highly versatile vision of each single garment, blending Alessandra’s unique East-meets-west aesthethics with an experimental and daring apporach of continuous research.

Minimalist fashion style is at the core of Alessandra Giannetti’s very personal vision of a timeless style, rooted in her own multi-cultural, East-meets-West metropolitan aesthetics and in her deeply Mediterranean soul.

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