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An often whispered destination for the savviest and most discerning locals, Alessandra Giannetti’s eponymous clothing store in Rome is the place to be, whenever you want to take a deep dive into the most authentic Italian style, with a metropolitan vision.


Home to events, social gatherings and ladies’ talks and conversations since its opening, our store is an ideal breathing space to interpretate every woman’s unique style, body and needs. Because every woman is different, we like to dress this difference with an independent taste and solutions that cater your own personal needs and occasions.

Our clients are conscious women of all ages, from the four corners of the globe, who both enjoy a highly individual taste and a pioneering vision in clothing. Sensitive women to Alessandra Giannetti’s avant-garde, independent taste and to her signature, original cuts.

We cater those women who want to dress their difference and make a pleasure break from the most ordinary fashion system.

Limited by definition, as the result of award-wining, skilled and trusted craftsmanship, Alessandra’s authentic design is meant to generate real comfort and a seasonless 24/7 wardrobe – a personalized solution that comes handy to both frequent travellers, working women or individuals who look for quality and uncompormised cuts and finishing.

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