Independent brand by Italian-based, yet well travelled designer Alessandra Giannetti all stems from her cohesive vision of the East and West, translating into a substancial and rooted know-how of the processes and craftsmanship of the most sophisticated and authentic Made in Italy, paired with a truly cosmopolitan hands on experience. Alessandra indeed graduates in Rome (Japanese Language and Literature), then moving to London and Tokyo where she develops her unique signature style, combining traditional and metropolitan contemporary culture.


Her eponymous brand ALESSANDRA GIANNETTI was launched in Rome in 2001, joining forces with Architect and Photographer Fabio Gasparri, so to set the new standards and vision for a brand that genuinely blends fashion and art.

Exclusive yet at the same time approachable, Alessandra’s designs – and head quarters both blend an independent taste with avant-garde image, materials and cuts, making it the perfect option for all women wanting to work, travel and feel good 24/7.

An essential design that is at the same time a tribute to the classic, timeless elegance of Italian fabrics and skilled craftsmanship.

Unique and detailed cuts, formerly engineered so to maximize comfort and wearability compose into original volumes and shapes – both precise and sculptural, soft and enveloping as shelves. Quality-oriented items are created by bearing in mind a continuous and consistent mission of multi-wear, that is easy to mix, match, combine and re-mix.


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